Colton Chaney  Actor / Writer / Creator

12th Night - The Academy for Classical Acting (The Officer)

         Having just completed his MFA at George Washington University, Academy for Classical Acting at Shakespeare Theater Company, Colton is eager to apply this new experience and knowledge to both classical and contemporary works. 

Colton is currently a Speech judge for the WACFL and NSDA high school leagues, and loves helping young artists hone their vision and skills in theater and storytelling. 

A new play he has written was selected for production by the children's nonprofit theatre company Arts on the Horizon. Be on the watch out for giant (but not so scary) monsters in the near future!


Colton brings his love of fantastical and detail-driven world building to his acting. Character voices, creatures, and odd people have always had a special place in his heart, and he aims to embody the weird and spectacular in everything he does. 

Always striving to lift Shakespearian and Classical stories as well as experimental and devised work, Colton is hungry to produce new, epic, and socially conscious art. Colton seeks to use his voice as an actor to promote antiracism, antifascism, and social equity. He is inspired by Shakespeare’s plays to tell complex stories which promote empathy, self reflection, and the desire to make our world a better place.